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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winners of the Chike Energy Protein Shake

 Congrats to Teamarcia, G, Jordan,  Suz and Allan, Laurel C.  Please email me at
pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com with your mailing address and phone number. I'll forward them  on to  Chase over at Chike Nutrition.

Thanks everyone for participating in the Chike Energy Prtoein Giveaway

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grandma's Marathon Recap

This was  my first out of state marathon. I was so excited about it, but a little apprehensive about it to.  My two running partners and I  were going to be riding up to Duluth with another friend of ours that runs alot of marathon and two of her friends that are newbies.

We were staying at the UMD college  in their  suites .  It had four single beds a kitchen, refrigerator, living room and bathroom. Only one person had to sleep on the floor and that wouldn't be me. I can't sleep on the floor. I've slept on the floor at my parents  house and I don't get any sleep.  Stephanie, said she could sleep anywhere,so that problem was solved.

Most of us girls met up Thursday night and got some of the bags packed, so we wouldn't have so much to pack when we met at the park and ride.

I got up at 4:30 on Friday, so I could make sure I had everything ready to go.  Harrison was going to take me to the park and ride, because he had to get up anyway  and get his heifer washed and fed. We all arrived on time at the park and ride.   We got in the van and headed to Des Moines to pick one more rider. We picked up  Lori and than we were off to Duluth, MN. 

Going  up we had to make quite a few potty stops, because we were all trying to hydrate for the marathon, so it took alittle longer to get there.  Once we got there we found the UMD college, so we could  unpack and get  settled in.  We all  got freshened up and headed downtown to the DECC for the Expo. I was so excited, they  were having alot of vendors that I've been stalking  on the Internet.  We had an awful time finding a parking space in the parking ramp, their were so many people.The Expo was great.  I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.    I came across these shirts at the Expo  that felt so soft and smooth. Low and behold it  was Raw Threads.I had entered a bloggers giveaway for Raw Thread a couple of months ago.

  Raw Threads  clothes are :
-Anti-odor technology
 -UPF 50+ Protection
 -55% Organic Cotton/40% Viscose from Bamboo/5% Elastic

I love this shirt.

                                                 I also picked up this sweatshirt

We found this sweatshirt at the Expo. One of the girls took a picture and sent  it to her husband . 

After we all got our feel of the Expo we headed to Grandma's Garden for some pasta.  The weather was beautiful.  After we all got our bellies full, we decided to head on back to the college. As we are walking we came across a Chocolate Factory.  OK, we literally couldn't pass up chocolate.  Tree and I split a homemade Carmel and let me tell you I savored every bite.  I didn't want a lot of chocolate before the marathon, but we all new we would be coming back downtown to the Chocolate Factory after the marathon. We all figured we worked that hard, we deserve some chocolate.

Great Pasta

We got back to the suite and we all hit the hay. We all woke up at different times to get ready for the marathon.   I kept checking to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything.  We found where the buses were loading, to get us all to the  starting line. We get there and we all head straight  to the kybos, because lines were starting to form.  It's my turn for the kybo and all I can do is pee. WHH.   Not more than 10 min after I used the kybo the first time, I look over at Tree an say  I  think I need to go wait in line again things are starting to work.  Yahoo   I new she would go with me because she always has to pee.Ha Ha.

It's 7:30 so we start to move over to the staring line. Tree and I were going with the 4:30 pacer and Rachelle, Stephanie and Amanda were going closer not sure what pace they ended up at.  Tree and I leave Lori with the 5:30 pacer.  Lori is a newbie.  As were walking away Tree  looks back at Lori and says Penny, Lori is  tearing up. I felt awful, so we decided to stay with her till we started running to keep her from getting to anxious.  This being her first marathon an all has to  be scary.

Sea of people at the starting line
 When the race started it was humid and in the 60's already.  Those first 7 mile were tough, I was  already drenched in sweat by the first mile.  Once we reached around 7 to 9 it started to get cloudy and the wind picked up alittle, but it was a tailwind thank goodness.  It actually was starting to get a little chilly, but for running it was great weather. The spectators had sweatshirts and jeans on, some even were wrapped in blankets. 

We stopped at every mile marker and took a picture with one of us in it. We were having so much fun. We are not fast, but on the last mile we passed  this guy and he says, "Gee you two were even taking picture and your still passing  me".

Penny, Tree and Lori 

Amanda,Penny,Rachelle, Stephanie and Lori waiting for the race to start

How could we forget our signature pose

After everyone got finished, we headed back to the UMD  college to get showered and take a nap.  After our nap we all got ready to go downtown for some meat. All of the girls I'm with are steak eater, but I on the other hand I'm not. I new we would be going to a steak place for supper.  We ended up at Timber lodge Steakhouse.  Like I said all the girls order steak. When it got to me, I of course order fries with ranch dressing please.  They all looked at me like, "Your not eating any meat" Nope that would be right. I'm sticking with my fries.  The fries were awesome to. 

Now time to celebrate, bring on the meat

 After supper we headed off to find the Chocolate Factory, so we could get some chocolate.  I got a bear cluster, I thought I had died and went to heaven it taste so good. Several of the other girls got chocolates to take home to their families.  I think the girls were broke when they walked out of they that place, it was pretty pricey.

Penny and Amanda all done and on our way  back to college

Stephanie and Lori with Grandma
Great group of girls to run
a marathon with.  We all finished.
Duluth, MN is a beautiful city


Average Pace 12:42 per mile (view kilometer pace)
Age Graded Percentage 47percent (view time)
Overall Place 5313 out of 5788
Sex Place
2082 out of 2363 Females
Division Place 187 out of 213 Females in the F4549 Age Group
                                     (See complete F4549 results)

I've come to the conclusion I'm not running marathons for the PR, I'm running for the BLING.

grandmas-299x300 grandmas

Before Tree and I finished  Grandma's  marathon, we were already talking about another one.  Since I'm all about the BLING, we're going to register for the Little Rock Marathon in March, 2013.  I've heard this BLING IS HUGE. 

little-rock2-296x300 little-rock2

Don't forget to enter the Chike Energy + Protein shake giveaway.

                          Their will be 5 winners- ends 6/27

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chike Coffee Energy + Protein Shake Review/Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Chike Nutrition to see if I would like to do a  review for  their new Coffee Energy + Protein shake. I was so excited to do a review for Chike, since cappuccino's and frappes are two vices, that I've not been able to give up.   I'm always trying to find a good tasting protein shake to take their place, that way I get more protein in after a workout, than sugar. 

About Chike
When creating Chike, it was imperative for us to create a high-quality protein supplement that you can actually look forward to consuming. Put simply,we are totally obsessed with taste. We don't believe in sacrificing great taste for nutrition. Neither should you.

          Chike Nutrition sent me a shaker and 5 packets of the Coffee Energy + Protein  mix.


Nutrition Facts

  Chike  is a high-quality protein supplement that contains essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and 23 vitamins & minerals. This makes it an ideal meal replacement.                    

I love that you  can  just Pour, Shake, Drink and GO

  The first Chike Coffee Energy + Protein shake I mixed up was with water.  I was kind of leery because, I haven't  found a  protein shake  that I've been able to use water with that has a very good taste.  I usually use milk, because I think the  texture and  taste of the protein shake taste better.   

I put 8oz of water in the shaker and poured the Coffee Energy + Protein mix in  the shaker and gave it a good shake. 

I love my protein shakes on the rocks, so I put some crushed ice in the shaker and gave it another good  shake.  You also could put it in a blender for a great shake.  The other flavors you could blend with strawberries, yogurt, nut, etc. for a great tasting shake.

The taste of this Coffee Energy + Protein shake  was great, with just using water.  I loved that the coffee taste wasn't over bearing, I don't like my proteins shakes  to have a really strong coffee taste.    If you like to have  a  more creamier tasting protein shake, than mix it with milk. I loved it with milk to, it made  for just a little bit more creamier drink.   For me I loved this protein shake mixed with water or milk, either way it still had a great taste.

I could definitely see this  Coffee Energy + Protein shake replacing  my Cappuccino's and Starbucks Frappes that I drink everyday.   YES, I finally found a Protein shake that taste as good as my Cappuccino's and Frappes, plus it can be used as a  meal replacement when you are short on time.

I definitely had some Energy going  after drinking the Coffee Energy + Proteins shake.

                Chike Nutrition is also sold by
                                          1.5 LB TUBS- 15 Servings
                                          3.0 LB TUBS- 28 Servings
                                          Travel Packets- with 1 full serving

In addition to coffee they also have other flavors- Chocolate Bliss,Strawberry Burst,Banana Magic,Orange Creme and Very Vanilla.

So do you want to give Chike Coffee Energy + Protein shake a try. This is your lucky day. 

The great people at Chike are offering not only one, but 5 of my lucky followers a chance to win and try this great Coffee Energy + Protein Shake for themselves.

This is what you'll be winning

MANDATORY : Go to Chike and let me know which flavor you would like to try.

1Mandatory- Become a follower of my blog, if not already.
 1- entry
2) Like  Chike on Facebook and let them know the -
Pink Hat Runner sent you. 1- entry

3) Follow me on  Twitter- . 1- entry

4) Follow me on Facebook. 1- entry

5) Share giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, blog. 1- entry

                                US residents only
             The winners will be chosen by random.org  
                                     on 6/27

Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that Chike Nutrition provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Skater Socks Winners

 Congrats to the 4 winners of the Skater Socks Giveaway  

Amanda@ Fat Wuz Here
Just Jen @ Just Jen
Angie Bee @ Barefoot Angie Bee

Just email at pinkhatrunner@hotmail.com with your mailing address, phone # and what pair of socks  you would like. 

Thanks everyone  for participating in my Skater Socks Giveaway.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Skater Socks Giveaway ends today/Kohl's 10% discount code.

Looking for some great socks  with style to wear with your running clothes.  Enter to win a  pair of your  very own Skater Socks. Their will be 4 winners - http://pinkhatrunner.blogspot.com/2012/05/skater-socks-reviewgiveaway.html

As I mentioned in my recap of the Dam to Dam race, I wore my  first running skirt.  It's was a Nike Running Skirt and  I bought it at Kohl's.   Kohl's is offering  my readers an exclusive 10% off code for Kohls,com.  You can use the code BLOGGER10, through June 23, and stack your savings with  one other code as well.

This girl has thighs and these compression shorts were awesome under this skirt
Loved that this skirt had a back pocket


    Congrats to all the runners  who raced this weekend.

                                       Happy Sunday


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