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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Going to the gym or cleaning my house/ Chocolate #9 Winner

This weekend has been a lazy weekend for me. I got up Saturday hoping to get a good workout in.  When I got to the gym, I got on the elliptical and got 30 minutes in .  I had gotten a new DVD earlier in the week and I  was wanting  to give  it a try.   As I'm getting started my left eye kept watering so it was making for  a blurry view and my nose literally wouldn't quit running.  So between wiping my eye and blowing my nose constantly, I called it quits. At least I got there and gave it  a try. 

Sunday I decided to sleep in. When  I got up I listened to the weather, I wasn't quite sure what it was doing outside.  The weather man  said the road were a little  slick do to misting  in the night.  Being honest with myself, I really wasn't wanting to go to the gym anyway.

I've been letting  my house go, due to filling in at the bank. They have been short, due to some people leaving. 

When I get up at 4.00 in the morning to hit the gym, by the time I get home from work I am spent.  I can go 2-3 days like that, but by that 3rd day all I want to do is crash after work. So this morning I just felt like I really needed to stay home and get some cleaning done.  Even my hubby was commenting on some fuzz bunnies on the floor.  That is not a good sign.

I'm feeling good now. Got my house cleaned and am ready to face another week.

                                                   Chocolate #9 WINNER

The lucky number  chosen by Random.Org was #37.  Which happens to be Kim  over  at (Just) Trying Is For Little Girls.  Kim did the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon today.  Way to Go Kim.

Hey Kim, You finally won one of my giveaway. Congrats Girl.
Hey Kim shoot me an email with your  info and I will get those mailed out to you.

Thanks to Chocolate #9 for the giveaway and all the people that participated.

                                              How was your weekend?
                                            Do you have lazy weekends?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

OH, What a feeling

My plans for today  was to get my long run in.  Today's long run was going  to be solo.  Rachele had to work this weekend and we just couldn't get a time to meet.     I got to the gym and took my bag in.   I don't know why, but I just wasn't feeling very motivated for this run.    Motivated or not this run was happening even if I ran slow.  When I stepped outside to start hitting the pavement, I noticed their was no wind, is that even  possible it's  been so freak in windy here lately.   

Ready or not," RUN"  here I come.  I pushed the  start button on my Garmin and started to hit the pavement.  I really hadn't thought about how far I was going to be running this morning.  I was just kind of going to go by how I was feeling. The first mile my legs  were feeling heavy.   As I  was hitting  mile 5, I could feel my legs  getting into a rhythm.  After that the rest of the miles just seemed kind of effortless. I was loving this run.  Sometimes we wait a long time in between runs to get that feeling.  Boy ,was I feeling it today.  I was so excited when I got done and looked  my Garmin.  The second half of my run I had a negative split, with my last mile at 9.02.   By the time I was done I had gone 10 miles.

It  amazes me, that when I least expect that  my run is going to be good.  I end up with one of my best runs.

Just what I needed to boost my Confidence level.  

Avg Pace
110:08.1 1.00 10:08
210:10.6 1.00 10:11
310:07.7 1.00 10:08
410:14.7 1.00 10:15
59:43.1 1.00 9:43
69:38.4 1.00 9:39
79:43.6 1.00 9:44
89:25.5 1.00 9:26
99:17.2 1.00 9:17
109:02.3 1.00 9:02

       Had an awesome solo run.  Just when I didn't think I had it in me. I'm able to pull off a good run.

                                Did you do a long run this weekend?

     How was your legs feeling during  your run this weekend?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Feet

I think I finally figured out what has been causing the ball of my left foot pain. 

Several weeks ago I decided to  give barefoot running another try.  So my goal was to at least do 1 to 2 miles on the treadmill barefoot.

 Instead of running on the treadmill I usually did the elliptical, because I hate running on the treadmill.  In those weeks that I didn't use the elliptical, because I was running on the treadmill, I got to noticing that the ball of my left foot didn't seem to be hurting as much as it had in the past. I normally  would do the elliptical for 30 min everyday if not longer.  I've noticed in the past while doing the elliptical that the ball of my left foot always seemed to get hot or just kind of  feel numb at times.  My normal routine would  to be do the elliptical for 30 minutes, than get off and walk a minute till my foot didn't feel numb, than get back on for another 30 minutes. 

 At first I actually thought it was my Kinvara 2 running shoes.   I got my Kinvara's the beginning of the summer of last year.  I was so excited when I got my new Kinvara's.  I literally couldn't wait to start running in them.  It was right after I got my Kinvara's that I decided to do the full marathon, instead of the half.  So that meant that I was going to be putting a lot  more miles on these shoes than I would of if I would of stayed with the half.  Even though I was training for a marathon,which required me to run more. I still got on the elliptical, every chance I got.  I love to do the elliptical and watch MTV and CMT music videos.  

I even went as far as going  to Saucony's website  to see if I could find a different minimalist shoe, that had more cushion than the Kinvara's.  Upon looking for a  different running shoe I came across the Triumph 9.  It looked to me to be exactly what I was looking for.   The one thing I wasn't to crazy about was that it had a 8mm heel to toe vs what the Kinvara had which was  a 4mm heel to toe.  I kept going back to  the Saucony website, just to make sure these were the shoes I was really  wanting. I was  having   problems with putting out all that money for another pair of  running shoes again, when I had  just bought the Kinvara's 4 months earlier.   As I was  looking on the Saucony website I came across the Cortana running  shoe. I've never even new Saucony had this shoe, but it was exactly what I was looking for.  It was a minimalist shoe with a 4mm heel to toe and it had more cushion than the Kinvara's.  
Women's PowerGrid Triumph 9
 Saucony Cortana 


Women's ProGrid Kinvara 2
Saucony Kinvara 2

 You can  really see the difference in the cushioning, between these two shoes.  I really do like my Cortana's.

So after all that I've been through trying to figure out  what was causing  the ball of my left foot pain.  One day it was like a light bulb went off in my head, regarding the  pain in the ball of my foot.                         

So, I hopped on the  Internet and got to looking up ball of the foot pain on the elliptical.  Here is what I found out.   (Source)

For the foot, there are a couple of problems that the Elliptical trainer can exacerbate or even cause.  The first is nerve irritation, medically called, “neuritis” or a “neuroma”.  The ball of the foot is most vulnerable, and the most common area is between the 3rd and 4th toe joints, causing tingling and numbness in this area as well as into the affected digits.

               This was exactly what I've been dealing with.


Elliptical Pain Ball of Foot 

Elliptical  Usage

As with any type of exercise or exercise equipment, an elliptical machine must be used properly in order to be effective and to prevent unnecessary pain. When positioning your feet on an elliptical machine, your feet should be placed on the center of the pedals. Your feet should be flat and your weight should be distributed across your entire foot. Make sure to avoid placing your weight solely on your heels and your toes. Do not push off of your toes or heels while striding on the elliptical machine. This can injure the bottoms of your feet. Injury to the bottoms of your feet can lead to inflammation or degeneration of the tendons

  I'm so happy to finally figure out what the heck was going on with the ball of my foot.


                  Have you ever went to the Internet for advice?

                         Have you ever had pain in the ball of your feet?

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolate #9 Review/Giveaway

John from Chocolate #9 sent me some of their Chocolate #9 energy  gels to review.   One of the great things about Chocolate #9  is that it only contains two ingredients, Organic Agave and Cocoa.  I've always felt the less ingredients a product has the better it is for you.

The way the weather has been here I've been able to get some long runs in.   So I gave Chocolate #9 a try.  I really liked the Chocolate #9 energy gels.  The other brands that I've tried  in the  chocolate flavor have been very   sweet and way to chocolatey  for my stomach.  Chocolate #9 was just right, it wasnt to sweet or to chocolatey.   I didn't have any stomach issues after I took Chocolate #9. I actually was feeling very energized.   I don't know if it was the Chocolate # 9 or I was just having a good day.   Because my normal pace is 9.45 -10, but on  this run my pace ended up being 9.29.   I love that Chocolate #9 has only 70 calories.  I am very calorie conscious, so having only 70 calories is great.  Other brands of energy  gels usually  run around 100 calories per gel.


Chocolate #9 contains two perfectly balanced energy enhancing ingredients and nothing more: organic agave nectar and breakfast cocoa processed with alkali.

Organic agave nectar provides slow burning carbs and sweetens the dark roast cocoa.  The dark Belgium style cocoa provides Chocolate #9’s rich taste.

A note on “breakfast cocoa”:  Breakfast cocoa is a FDA term for the class of cocoa with the highest chocolate fat content.  This chocolate fat content is responsible for taste and texture.  This is why Chocolate #9 tastes so rich.

Chocolate #9 is the only certified LOW glycemic energy gel on the market.  A smooth even flow of energy will allow all athletes to perform better than they would if they were using blood sugar spiking high glycemic index sweeteners.

 Chocolate #9 is different because it:
  • is sweetened only with organic agave.
  • contains no refined sugar or other HIGH glycemic index sweeteners.
  • has been – tested and certified – as a “LOW” glycemic index (GI) item.
  • Chocolate #9 LOW GI gel reduces the negative effect of repetitive insulin “spiking” during sustained exercise.
  • won’t cause a sugar high or a sugar low – bonk.
  • is an excellent energy choice for endurance athletes.
  • is suitable for most diabetics – and used by Team Type 1.
  • is an excellent choice for those not wanting to eat refined sugar.
  • is vegan, low fat and gluten free.
  • contains no synthetics – no unpleasant aftertastes – tastes great.
  • contains no “mystery” ingredients, colorings, or preservatives.
  • is easy on the stomach.
  • best of all — Chocolate #9 tastes great.

So if you are looking for a energy gel that has less calories and great taste I recommend giving Chocolate #9 a try. 

The great people at Chocolate #9 have given me three Chocolate #9  energy gels to giveaway. How awesome is that. 

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                                                         Good Luck

Disclaimer-The Federal Trade Commission mandates that I let you know that Chocolate #9, provided me with the products free of charge. However, the opinion expressed is solely my own. 


Friday, January 6, 2012

HBBC Roundup #7

Saturday- 13.50 miles
Sunday- Resolution Run 2.80 miles
Monday- 2 mile bf, 90 min weights/cardio
Tuesday- ran 3.76 miles, 15 min weights/cardio, stationary bike 30min
Wednesday- ran 6- miles, tried to do more, but I just didn't have any more energy.  My stomach has been upset since Monday.
Thursday- Feeling a lot better this morning.  1 hour and 15 min weights/cardio, elliptical 30 min
Friday - ran 8 miles


This has been a tough week.  I woke up on Sunday with a stomach ache. I'm really  not sure what it was, just that it hurt like heck. I thought  I might be having gas build up, I tend to  have that sometimes.    Sunday- I was suppose to  run the Resolution Race.  I wasn't feeling the greatest, but I  had  committed to doing this  race. Besides not feeling good, it was windy er than heck outside.   As  one bloggers says Just Suck It Up Buttercup, that is exactly what I did.   Monday- I still was not feeling the best, but went ahead and  met the girls at the gym so I could get my workout in. Tuesday- I got up and met Rachele to get our run in.  We both had upset tummies.  BOY, don't we make a pair.   As we were running Rachele says she has to make a pit stop at Casey's, so we high tail it to Casey's.  As I'm waiting for her my stomach started  turning and I thought OH BOY this is not good.  I started to praying that  Rachele would hurry up and  get done, so I could use  the bathroom.  Once I got in there I thought I was never going to get out. My tummy just kept turning and I just kept filling the potty.    Once I got done we finished our run.  Needless to say we decide to shorten our run. We got 3.76 miles in that morning.  Wednesday -morning we were going to try and get 6 miles in.  Still not feeling the best.   We finished the 6 miles and than I planned on going back to the gym and doing some weights/cario. Needless to say that didn't happen. I was literally out of energy. I had nothing else to give that morning. So  I just went on home and got ready for work.  Ya for Thursday,  I was  finally starting to feel better. Got a great gym workout in.  Friday- Feeling really good and  was able to get 8 miles in before work.  

My MOTTO  is that I DON'T GET SICK. I have always said that moms are not allowed to get sick.  We don't have time for sickness.   One of the things that I pretty much live by is that unless I'm throwing up, I have to get some kind of workout in, even if I'm only there for 15 to 30 minutes.  I just feel better when I try to do something for myself.  I am the same way with my job.  I will at least try and get to work  and than if after I'm there and  I'm  still  not feeling good or am feeling worst than I will go home. I have raise my kid the same  way.  I believe sometime when you get to work or school that being around people or doing  your job helps get your mind off of thinking that your not  feeling good.  Than after I get there and I'm still   not feeling good, after an hour or two than I will go home. 

So this week has been a challenging week for me.  Now I'm  ready to Rock and Roll with  some running.

                                 How do you deal with not feeling good?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

HBBC Roundup #6/ Resolution Race 5k

Saturday- 3.1 miles Treadmill, 45 minutes cardio/weights
Sunday- Christmas- 4 miles outside awesome weather, 3 mile walk with my sis, along with 30 weight/cardio
Monday- Great 12 mile run with Rachelle.  Haven't run that far since the Marathon in October.
Tuesday- 1 hour of weights/cardio with Rachelle, 2 miles barefoot on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the stationary bike

Wednesday- ran 6 miles, 15 min cardio, 15 min bike
Thursday- 1 hour weights/cardio, 30  min bike


What a great Resolution Race 5k this morning.  The wind was a killer it was so strong, it nearly at times would almost push you over.  My 5k ended up being a hair short of a 5k.  I ran 2.80 miles in 24.37.  I couldn't believe when I looked at my Garmnin, that I had  ran it at a 8.47 pace.  Holy Moly, Never ran that fast before.  Starting out my leg were feeling so heavy and tight, but once I found my rhythm it was all good. My leg were still feeling the effect from the 13.50 miles yesterday.

Great Resolution Race this morning with all the girls.

For 2011, I ended up running 1127 miles.  What an amazing year in my running  journey.
February- was my lowest miles at 53
September- was the highest miles at 163

                                How did you start your New Year's off?


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